Sunday, August 19, 2012

how to download Running Man and other shows in KShowNow.Net Asia

my favourite show at this time is RunningMan, and i have downloaded the show's episode from episode 1 to 106. when i was browsing the website, i notice that there are quite alot who doesn't know how to get through the AdFly, and dont know how to download after skipping the ad.
I'll show you the easiest way which I have been using.

1: firstly, to download, go to   , and register as a member. when u have verified your e-mail, now you can fully utilize the page.

2:Next, go here, under Download, to RunningMan.

3: then, click any episode that you want to download, here 
my example.

4: ok now I'm sure some people are stuck at this stage.. yeah i know, to many short URL, dont know what they mean.. here on this page, you just scroll down and look for Rapid Share. for me i choose this because there's only 1 link. go to that link. right- click on the link, and go to the link.

5: after that, you will be directed to AdFly.. I am sure alot of people stuck here too.. here, you just need to wait for 5 second, and click "Skip Ad". it is situated on the right top corner of the page. make sure u click on it fast.

*Skip the Ad!!

and then you click on the "download to PC". the episode now will automatically be downloaded into ur  PC..

I uninstalled my IDM because it complicates my downloading, I just let it to be downloaded by my Google Chrome.

all done! later it should be available in the "Downloads".


there are many types of downloading available in the KshowNow, I already show the one that I always choose, i.e using RapidShare. But if you face difficulties during uploading using RapidShare, for example you unable to skip the adfire, etc2.. you can try others which were also available.

FYI, the reason that some has multiple short URL is because one episode will be devided into few parts. and so these kind of uploading will be much faster to finish, but yeah a little complicated, but I'll show u how its going to be done. here is the example of the result :

ok the meaning behind all those short urls as shown below is actually :- for the one under 360p, as u can see there are 4 short urls, and so there will be 4 parts in the episode. and for the 720p,there will be 9 parts in the episode. because the 720p has more parts, each of them are in smaller size and so will finish downloading much faster. this will apply to all  type of other downloading methods available.
*unlike RapidShare, for those which offer multiple url will allow multiple downloading at one go. and so u will save more time if u still have many episodes to download. (Rapidshare only allow 1 download at a time)

1)ok firstly as usual right-click on one of the url and go to the link.
2)and then click skip ad

3) and then click this one, and there will be a pop-up. just ignore the pop-up.

4)and lastly, just key in the password, and then wait for 30 seconds and u can upload the episode! :D


  1. thank's for your info, but i can't find the link on adfly

  2. is it free if we register as member ?

  3. Replies
    1. highlight the link, right click, then open it in a new tab, wait for the 3 seconds counting in adfly, then proceed, click "import to your computer" then DONE :) I choose MEGA 720p bcoz it has only 1 link :) hope it helps :)

  4. highlight the link, right click, then open it in a new tab, wait for the 3 seconds counting in adfly, then proceed, click "import to your computer" then DONE :) I choose MEGA 720p bcoz it has only 1 link :) hope it helps :)

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